First General Meeting Recap!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the first general meeting! We had a great turnout. If you weren’t able to make it, you can still join IBI. Below is a recap of what was covered in the meeting. If you would like to sign up for subgroups, then please fill out the form  below.

History of IBI

IBI was founded as EWB local initiative in 2006. We were awarded grants and built 450 gallon system which was operational in ISTC Pilot Plant. Between 2012-2014 we lost our space and so we were looking for new space. We finally found a spot in RAL and have future plans to get space in IBRL, a new building that is being built on campus. We recently got a trailer for the biodiesel and we have new large scale soap equipment so we will be ramping up production this semester.

How We Operate

We have four main subgroups which each hold their own meetings. Anyone is welcome to come to as many or as few subgroup meetings as they would like. The four subgroups are described below.

1. Production and Testing

Production and testing is focused on make biodiesel from waste oil. The vegetable oil is obtained as waste oil from the dining halls. We currently are running one 50 gallon batch a week and hope to scale up to two batches per week soon. P&T also tests the product to make sure it meets ASTM standards. We are also looking for process improvements that can be made.

2. Soap

The soap subgroup works on taking the byproduct from the biodiesel reaction and turning it into soap. This group investigates the chemistry behind this reaction through lab experiments and works to improve the chemistry. The goal is to be able to sell the soap back to the dining halls.


Special Projects

The special projects group works on other related renewable energy related projects. Last semesters projects included repairing a biodiesel run go-kart, which we hope to further improve this semester


The finance group works on budgeting and grant writing for the organization. The group also performs economic analysis and seeks corporate sponsorship.



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