Illinois Biodiesel has 4 main subgroups to get involved with. Anyone is free to join as many subgroups as they like.

Production and Testing

The P&T subgroup is responsible for converting waste vegetable oil from the dining halls into biodiesel. This occurs primarily with our reactor located in Roger Adams Laboratory (shown below). Members help with figuring out logistics involving the production and sale of biodiesel as well as testing of the biodiesel to ensure it meets ASTM standards.

Biodiesel Reactor



The soap subgroup takes the glycerin byproduct of the biodiesel reaction performed by production and testing and converts it into soap. There are opportunities to be involved in the lab, working with soap chemistry. There are also opportunities to work on scaling up soap production and designing the system of it.
Soap samples


Special Projects

Special projects group works on additional projects that are not related to biodiesel or soap, but are tied to IBI’s goal of promoting sustainability on campus. Past projects have included troubleshooting a methanol recovery unit, design of a reactor system to produce biodiesel from algae, and fixing up a biodiesel run Go-Kart. The soap subgroup originally evolved from a special projects topic. We also welcome new ideas for projects!



The finance subgroup works on allocating funds for IBI endeavors and finding new funding sources.