Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone! Illinois Biodiesel Initiative is undergoing many exciting changes this semester! We hope to recruit new members who can help continue our sustainability efforts at the University!

 New Lab Space

IBI has finally secured lab space in 250 Noyes! All of our equipment has been relocated to this location. New members interested in attending open lab will need to complete required safety training before attending.


A new class has been created, that will hopefully carry into future semesters. If you are looking for a way to get involved, learn some new research/lab techniques, and get course credit, then this is the class for you! The class meets twice a week and biodiesel related lab experiments are performed, which assist with our sustainability efforts on campus. The class can be taken multiple semesters and students who do take the class multiple times will have the opportunity to perform more advanced lab techniques and possibly obtain a paid position in future semesters.

Open Lab Days

Members of the club who are not in the class can still do stuff in the lab during our designated open lab times. During this time, a graduate student along with executive board members will be present to assist members in lab work. Currently there are lab days scheduled most Tuesdays from 5-7pm, but these can change depending on peoples availability.

Projects We Are Working On

Members of the IBI are working on many different projects currently! These range from basic biodiesel production from waste vegetable oil from the dining halls, soap production, and coffee grounds oil extraction. Special Projects is also working to troubleshoot the Methanol Recovery Unit. No experience is required to become involved in one (or many) of these projects!



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